22 April 2005


Guns & Gin?

The Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano, recently threatened to veto the legislation allowing non-drinking bar and restaurant patrons to carry weapons into those establishments. Apparently, non-drinkers are less sane in bars and restaurants that they are outside of them. The Hotel and Restaurant Association was on the Governors side, claiming to be in favor of saving lives. Interestingly, this same group lobbied hard, successfully, to get an additional hour of bar time in the State. They believed that drinking for an extra hour at night had no effect on safety. On need only compare the number of drunk driving incidents with the number of gun related incidents involving non-drinkers. The former can be counted by the hundreds, the latter has too few to count. It seems the feel-good, gun-safety crown forgot about what happened in a Luby's restaurant outside of Killeen, Texas. In that tragedy, a gunmen entered the restaurant and killed several people. Two of the people were the parents of a woman from the area. She contends that she could have killed the gunmen after his first shot, and saved her parents lives and the lives of others, had she not been forced by Texas law to leave her weapon in her car. It's so nice to know that government is looking out for us.

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